Holy Communion Guidance

The Love Feast is part of our spiritual heritage as Methodists. You can find more information about The Love Feast on page 581 in The United Methodist Book of Worship.

Please click this link for an informational video that was prepared by Dr. Brian Ebel at St. Luke United Methodist in Lexington. In the video, you will find more information about the history, theology, and practice of The Love Feast. You can also find the liturgy for The Love Feast here if you do not own a Book of Worship. 

Online tithing options:

Tithely- cost effective friendly platform for churches. Website:

There are many other e-giving solutions available such as PayPal, Kindred, Easytithe, or e-giving , some of which you are already researching or using in your church. 

Kentucky Conference tips on long distance worshipping:

Churches that offer streaming services:

Bethany UMC - Streams at 10:30am

Brandenburg UMC- Streams at 10am

Fern Creek UMC- Streams at 8am

Hodgenville UMC - Streams at 11:00am

Elizabethtown Memorial UMC - Streams at 11:00am

Stovall UMC - Streams at 11:00am

Middletown UMC - Streams at 9:30 and 11:00am

Mosaic UMC- Streams at 10:45am

St. Paul UMC - Streams at 10:00am

Christ Church United Methodist - Streams at 11:15am

Glendale UMC - Streams at 11:00am 

Upton UMC - Streams at 11:00am

Zion UMC - Streams at 9:30am

Crestwood UMC - Streams at 11:00am

St. Matthews UMC will be posting a worship video on Sunday morning at 9:00am. They also have posted ideas for worship in solitude and a family devotional guide. 

Sycamore Chapel UMC- Streams at 10:30am

Bible studies available online:

Max Lucado has five free online video Bible study they are offering.  “Anxious about Nothing”

Places offering meals:

The Table Café is serving carry out Mon-Friday from 11:00-1:00 PM to food insecure individuals in the neighborhood.  

Hospital info:

Dr. Frank Woggon from University of Louisville Hospitals has informed us that they are limiting visitors to hospital patients to only two immediate family members. Clergy will not be permitted to do hospital visits except in the emergency room and in end-of-life situations. If you are concerned about parishioners in the hospital, you can call the chaplaincy office and they will send a staff chaplain to check on your parishioner. Knowing the state of our healthcare system now, I would say that every hospital will be taking a similar measures as UofL. You will want to provide pastoral care with your parishioners in non-life-threatening situations through the phone and also let them know that staff chaplaincy is available for them at any hospital in the Louisville Metro area.


The link for the Faith Based SBA Guidance. SBA Faith-Based FAQ


The link for the Kentucky Conference online giving: Online giving site. Plus FAQ- FAQ sheet

Patience Resource- Patience+resource.docx