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Volunteers needed THIS SATURDAY (Sept. 30)

posted on September 28

Volunteers are needed this Saturday morning (Sept 30) to help load the trailer going to UMCOR. From Jim Morse:

“The shipping arrangements for our Flood Relief Donations have finally come together.  Blue Line Transportation will be dropping off a 53’ trailer at the Church of the Promise on Portland Ave just past The Table Friday afternoon, Sept 29th.  We need a lot of willing hands to meet at the Church of the Promise on Saturday Morning, Sept 30th, at 10:00 AM to load this trailer.  To accomplish this loading, we will need to create an actual bucket brigade to move the supplies through the building to the Portland Ave side.  This means the more the merrier and quicker we can accomplish the loading.  The trucking firm will pick up the loaded trailer either Sunday afternoon or early Monday morning and head to the UMCOR affiliated warehouse so these supplies can enter the supply chain heading to our disaster areas. 
Please spread the word of this need for volunteers so we can get this load on its way.  Men’s groups, women’s groups, youth groups, all are welcome and needed.  This is an opportunity to have a “hands-on” part of this ministry, to load them, to pray for them and the people that they will help.”