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Open Enrollment Meetings Coming Up!

posted on September 18

Open enrollment meetings are coming up next week! The Kentucky Conference Benefits Administrator, Celeste Doll, will be presenting information on some new benefits being offered. One new benefit (Aflac) will be open to part-time pastors.

It is highly recommended that clergypersons attend to learn more about the new benefits. More information will be coming soon in an email from the Conference Office.

Dates/Times and Locations are as follows:

Monday, September 25:
- Madisonville First UMC from 9 AM to 11 AM
- Lindsey Wilson College from 3 PM to 5 PM

Tuesday, September 26:
- Alexandria UMC from 10 AM to Noon

Wednesday, September 27
- Richmond First UMC from 10 AM to Noon

Thursday, September 28
- Shelbyville Centenary UMC from 10 AM to Noon