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Ministry Opportunity: Portland Promise Center

posted on July 11

The Portland Promise Center is a non-profit center for children and youth in the Portland area of Louisville that focuses on the the need to "enrich the lives of our children and youth physically, educationally, and spiritually."

Check out these excerpts from their latest newsletter, and see what amazing things they are doing! They do rely on sponsors and donations, so the link to support them is below. If you are in the area and want to volunteer, check out their website and sign up to help! https://www.portlandpromise.org/

From the newsletter:

Summer kicked off with our youth heading to the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains to attend camp at Look Up Lodge. Whether riding the giant swing, swimming in lake, flying down the zip-line, or hiking through the woods; the youth experienced an opportunity like no other.

Away from phones, TV's, and the distractions of everyday life, the youth had the opportunity to experience the beauty of all God's creation while being taught about God. This was a life changing opportunity for many of our youth.


This Summer we launched an updated college program to help our your youth prepare for their future. Through college visits, speakers, mock interviews, and much more; we are prepping these students to succeed long after they leave the Portland Promise Center.


Our kiddos had the time of their lives thanks to wonderful volunteers from St. Paul United Methodist Church. While many of our kids are unable to attend VBS on their own, St. Paul brought VBS to us! We spent a week with great songs, fun activities, and we learned a lot about God and His love for us!