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"It Only Takes A Spark" by Longview Church

posted on January 25

Excitement is rapidly building at our "small church with BIG
faith" a.k.a. Longview UMC in Elizabethtown, KY.
It was when the Lord gave a vision to Pastor Bob Daugherty's wife, Erica. "One Sunday, last July the Lord impressed upon me to reach out to our community who is hurting due to the economic downturn.  We need to help those in need with things such as food, clothing, etc. Our Mission as a church is outside of these walls!” said my wife, Erica Daugherty.
In collaboration with another church member, it was suggested that we help a local classroom in need. Hence, our missions became a reality. Our church family was on-board. “I witnessed such joy as each member donated. We had found a new calling! I was over-joyed to lead; I could feel my heart smiling as our church family donated enough school supplies to furnish a classroom for an entire year!
God did not stop there!  “When we heard of the devastation with the flooding in Eastern Kentucky. We did not hesitate. We again felt led by God. “This project was close to my heart,” says Betty Campbell. “Being from Eastern Kentucky, I knew of the floods, mud slides, and all the hardship folks were facing. Our church family rallied and filled seven buckets with cleaning supplies. Thanks be to God!”
These successful projects called for someone to fill the gap & oversee our local Missions.  Without hesitation, Betty, who has a passion to help people, stepped in to help make these mission projects a reality. “I am so very thankful to be a part of missions. I feel such a purpose; I can’t wait to see where God calls us next. I feel so close to the Father as he has called us to serve one another. We are blessed as a church family to have our wonderful Pastor and wife that love the Lord and praise him for their guidance. It is a joyous feeling to be the hands and feet of my Savior! I feel such a purpose; I can’t wait to see where God calls us next!”
“Christmas time! Our hearts were drawn to the children of our community. My daughter, a schoolteacher in collaboration with a Student Support Specialist, found an organization for our church to sponsor.” Betty immediately led our church to start collecting toys for children who otherwise might not have much of a Christmas. The results were amazing! Our congregation had donated enough toys for 181 children through Hope Academy for Kids.  
“The congregation of Longview UMC has really caught the fire to help those in need locally.  Money, supplies, toys and other items have been joyfully given in the name of our Lord.," said Erica Daugherty. “We are now focusing on the St. John Center project for those who are experiencing homelessness to work towards self-sufficiency and housing so that they may leave homelessness for good. We are helping as a church family by donating hats, socks, underwear, and gloves.”

The Boy Scout troop that meets at Longview UMC recently built a “Blessing Box” which now sits out in front of the church and is kept filled with non-perishable food items for anyone who needs something to eat.  They can get it for free or if anyone in the community wants to donate privately, they can donate to the Blessing Box.
"We are called to serve not be served & when God gives you a vision, run with it. Don't wait! You will be amazed how that one little spark can ignite a tidal wave of blessings. We are called to share the love of Christ. The Church must get out of the pews & get busy!” says Erica Daugherty.


Pastor Bob Daugherty

Longview UMC
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