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Glory Sighting: New Food Pantry at Davidson Memorial UMC!

posted on April 09

In a continuing effort to connect more with their community, Davidson Memorial UMC started a Food Pantry in December hoping to help families during Christmas. However, there were no visitors to the food pantry in December or January. Instead of giving up, Davidson Memorial UMC committed to "review, adjust, do."

In February, they welcomed three families, and in March, ten families utilized the pantry. Those ten families represented 37 individuals! Rev. Beverly Shouse Maguffee shared that this is fully a project of the congregation, and it is a true joy.

In April, Davidson Memorial UMC will be adding non-food supplies to the pantry, such as personal care items and toilet tissue. All items in the pantry are supplied solely by church members.

The Pantry is open on the third Wednesday of each month from 2 pm to 4 pm.

The Youth are also participating in reaching out the community by creating Sacks of Snacks (S.O.S.) - large Ziploc bags filled with non-perishable items that supply a meal and a bottle of water. Church members are encouraged to keep some S.O.S. bags in their vehicles, so that when they encounter someone in need they can pass along the S.O.S. bags.