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Glory Sighting: Bethany and Virginia Avenue UMC and "The Bag Ladies"

posted on April 18

What an amazing Glory Sighting from Bethany and Virginia Avenue UMC! Here's the story in their own words:

Christ's love manifests in many forms. One such example is the "Mat Ministry". Members of Bethany and Virginia Avenue UMC have joined forces to produce sleep mats for the homeless in our community. Plastic grocery bags are collected, cut into strips, and looped together to make plastic yarn or "plarn." The plarn is crocheted into approximately 3x6 foot sleep mats for those in need. Since their initial training session last August, 23 mats have been donated to St. Paul UMC, Valley View Church, and various others for distribution through their homeless ministries.

The Mat Ministry members, lovingly nicknamed "The Bag Ladies," meet in fellowship each Wednesday at 10:00 am in Bethany's ministry room. Depending on experience, it can take 15-30 hours of preparation time and an equal amount of time to crochet each mat. While members meet each Wednesday at the church, most members spend many hours working on mats at home.

We appreciate these ladies and this ministry carrying Christ's love and a cushioned place to sleep to our homeless friends in the Louisville area. Their love is a tremendous witness and a wonderful example of churches coming together for the good of their community.