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End of Year Report Information

posted on January 06

January 6, 2021
Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
Earlier this week, Rev. David Garvin sent out information about how you can complete your church’s year-end reports. Those year-end reports are due by January 22, 2021. Please complete your church’s report by the due date.
In order to log in, you will need to know your church’s GCFA number. Your church’s GCFA number will be your church’s username for EZRA. You can usually find that number on the paperwork from last year’s reports that you completed in EZRA. If you have trouble locating your GCFA number, you can call the district office and we can give you the number.
Your password, regardless of your GCFA number, is:
You can find detailed instructions on how to fill out the year-end reports at this link.
You can also find instructions on how to report online worship attendance at this link as well as this link.  Both of these documents should help you accurately report your online worship attendance during the COVID pandemic. Please know that the bishop and the cabinet understand that this has been a very difficult, unusual year and we expect attendance figures to be unusual for the 2020 year.
If you would like to have a blank form to work on your numbers prior to entering them into the online database at EZRA, you can find blank forms at this link.
Finally, you can find all of the above information at this page on the Kentucky Conference website.
Thanks for helping us wrap up the 2020 year in an expedient manner!
Christ’s Blessings,
Dr. John W. Hatton