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Camp WhereYouAre

posted on June 09

From Tim Witthuhn, Program Director at Camp Loucon
Camp WhereYouAre is a collaborative effort from Camp Loucon, Camp Aldersgate, and Mission Base Camp to bring our summer ministry into the homes of our churches.

We will be premiering a series of videos every Tuesday from 6/14 to 7/23 aimed at our elementary school campers. Each day will include a High-Energy Activity Session, a Creative-Learning Session, a Missional-Service Session and a Devotional. We have been so lucky to enlist the help of our great volunteer deans so our campers will get to see some friendly faces from their past summers. 

You will be able to find these videos on Aldersgate, Mission Base Camp and Loucon's Facebook pages. The first video of the day will premiere at 10:00 Eastern / 9:00 Central. Afterwards, each video will be hosted on our Youtube channel giving families and churches the ability to playback videos later, watch them in an alternative order, space them out over several days, etc. 

We hope that you’ll join us in this unusual but exciting summer opportunity. We’d ask that just like summer camp you’d be in prayer for our ministry – that our campers will come to see and know Jesus more and more each summer.

Tim Witthuhn- Program director of Camp Loucon