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Duke Divinity 2020 Summer COS Program Changes

posted on April 15

The COS program, in partnership with Duke University and GBHEM guidelines, will be offering Summer COS in a 100% online format. In addition, we will be following GBHEM’s instructions that we postpone offerings of some courses until a hybrid model can be resumed. The NEW schedule of courses that will be offered this summer at Duke is attached and will be on our website very soon.


In order to acknowledge and anticipate the change to a fully online summer program, GBHEM is limiting students to 1 course per session. This means the maximum number of courses you may take this summer at Duke is 2 courses (one in each session). Requests to exceed this limit must be made directly to GBHEM and, based on my own experience as a student, I would not recommend it. Managing an online course is more cumbersome and time-consuming than a residential course. This is a time to be as present as you can to your congregations and your families – and to be good to yourself. The coursework will wait. We are working to revamp our 2020-21 Hybrid Weekend COS offerings to cover all 20 basic courses as well as 4 advanced courses so that those of you who need/want to, you can pick up the courses you need in the weekend format (draft schedule attached).


For some of you, this news will be an unwelcome disruption, and I am sorry. We have done the best we can to meet the learning needs of our students, maximize the teaching of our instructors, and comply with new guidance from Duke and GBHEM.


If you have already registered for Summer COS, Barbara has already been in contact with you. You may withdraw from any or all courses for which you are registered. We will refund 100% of any fees paid for courses from which you withdraw. In order to be eligible for a refund, withdrawals must be processed by April 20.


If you have not registered for Summer COS and wish to do so, I encourage you to register promptly. We will be implementing GBHEM’s enrollment cap at 20 students per course. Candler and Wesley have both cancelled their summer COS programs. We anticipate more demand than we will be able to meet. We will be referring students to GBHEM and other COS programs once ours are full. GBHEM is offering a number of online courses this summer as well as Advanced UM History, Polity, and Doctrine. If you are working on Advanced COS, I highly recommend trying to pick up the UM Polity or Doctrine course. (Duke will offer Advanced History in WCOS this coming year).


Some important deadlines and considerations:

  • Registration for Summer COS will close on May 4.
  • Syllabi and asynchronous assignments prior to the intensive online week (formerly the residential week) will be available to you on or around May 15.
  • Coursework will not begin until June 29 and will end by August 14.
  • You must be fully available for synchronous (real time) Zoom sessions during the online intensive week of your session (see attachment for dates). Online synchronous class time will be scheduled throughout the week at the instructor’s discretion. In other words, your class could be meeting in the morning, the afternoon, or both as instructors’ breakup the synchronous contact into manageable teaching and learning blocks.
  • We will require training for COS students in how we will be using Sakai and Zoom well. These training webinars will be offered several times in late May and early June.
  • In order to participate in online learning, you will need access to a computer, tablet, or laptop equipped with a camera, a microphone, speakers, and a reasonably good internet connection.


Whether we see you for Summer COS or later in the year for Weekend COS, know that we are holding you in prayer. You are the hands and feet of Jesus in your communities. Blessings to you and those you serve!


United with you in prayer,

Rhonda and Barbara



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