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New Church Development

Heartland District New Church Development

Partnership and Funding Procedures


Trent Lloyd, Heartland District NCD Chair     John Hatton, Heartland District Superintendent

Revtrentlloyd@gmail.com                             jhatton@kyumc.org


New Church Development in the Kentucky Annual Conference is a partnership between local leaders and ministries, District leaders, and Conference leaders. While both the District and the Conference provide funding, there is a difference in their additional roles. It is the role of the Conference to provide formal oversight and coaching to New Faith Communities (NFC) and their leaders, and it is the role of the District to provide a supportive relationship to leaders and to develop local connections designed to ensure ministry leaders are properly resourced. For further details on the Conference NCD roles, visit kyncd.org.

Below, please find the necessary forms to review and submit to the Heartland District New Church Development for starting a new faith community.